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The Yardley & Hall Institute, James R. Hall D.C. owner, believes in health care, not disease care. Being healthy is not merely the absence of symptoms, but rather a result of addressing their causes through precise and measurable treatment. We treat people individually and completely with care, concern, and empathy. By doing so, we are able to provide a game-plan where the patient and doctor work as a team to achieve the patient’s specific health goals.

The body’s default setting is to heal itself. By focusing on the brain-body connection, Dr. Hall’s practice utilizes a unique approach to restore the body to its default setting; allowing patients to heal naturally. We bring a unique application, and an out of system approach to each and every qualified patient.

Dr. Hall

Dr. Hall

Owner Of The Yardley & Hall Institute

Todd Herman Recommends The Yardley & Hall Institute

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“What I love about the Yardley & Hall Institute is it’s precise, it’s measured and I can tell because I have an overall better feeling. It truly does help my body heal itself”

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