"I had forgotten what it is like to be pain-free!"

by John M. | Health Concerns: lower back pain, acid reflex, allergies, plantar fasciitis

"Improvements have been measurable!"

by David S. | Health Concerns: lower back and neck pain

"I feel like a different person!"

by Lisa B. | Health Concerns: anxiety, back tension, constant headaches

"Not going to find an expert like Dr. Yardley"

by Dr. Marc | Health Concerns: peripheral neuropathy

"I sleep well, I rarely have pain...My whole life has changed!"

by Deanna S. | Health Concerns: neck pain for over 30 years

"I got control of my body again!"

by Judy P. | Health Concern: Parkison's-like issues

"Unmasks the underlying issue!"

by Lon W. | Health Concern: sciatica

"A whole new perspective!"

by Christin M. | Health Concerns: lower back pain, whiplash injury

"I'm not limited to anything anymore!"

by Robert H. | Health Concerns: lower back and leg pain

"I can run around with my grandchildren!"

by Mary W. | Health Concern: severe leg injury

"Improvement in my quality of life!"

by Wally T. | Health Concerns: stiffness and spinal curvature hip and neck pain

"Pain and spasms are gone!"

by Sue O. | Health Concerns: back spasms, hand and wrist pain, scoliosis

"I can exercise again, its amazing!"

by Debbie P. | Health Concerns: neck and lower back pain, tendinitis

"It brings about healing!"

by Pastor James R. | Health Concerns: meniere's disease

"Been able to resume my normal activities!"

by Henry Z. | Health Concern: sciatica

"Wish I would have done this sooner!"

by Paul S. | Health Concerns: headaches, hip pain, and plantar fasciitis

"Its the kind of relief of pain you need to experience to understand!"

by John B. | Health Concerns: pain in the spine and sciatica

"It changed my life and its real!"

by Amy A. | Health Concerns: 2 herniated discs and disk degeneration

"Everything started falling into place."

by Pam P. | Health Concerns: eczema, kidney issues, and growths on her head

"I can mow my lawn again!"

by Ken W. | Health Concerns: headaches, neck and shoulder pain

"I feel great!"

by Mike H. | Health Concerns: fibromyalgia, arthritis and asthma

"Symptom free and medication free!"

by Cole R. | Health Concerns: neurological tics

"My quality of life has improved 100%!"

by Darlene E. | Health Concerns: severe low back pain and acid reflux

"Changed my life terrifically!"

by Richard M. | Health Concerns: knee, back, and shoulder pain

"The pain is gone!"

by Vicki L. | Health Concerns: vertigo and neck pain

"I feel like a million dollars!"

by Joan R. | Health Concerns: sciatica, neck, lower back, and arm pain

"I'm excited for life for a change!"

by Allison H. | Health Concerns: complex region pain syndrome

"I didn't expect progress to happen this rapidly!"

by Jackie W. | Health Concerns: weakness in limbs

"They have done amazing things for me!"

by Mic S. | Health Concerns: sciatica and foot pain

"I'm back to doing everything I used to do!"

by Larry L. | Health Concerns: lower back pain

"I feel 10 years younger!"

by Arlene B. | Health Concerns: bursitis, sciatica and migraines

"Has impacted every area of my life!"

by Michael R. | Health Concerns: depression

"I got my life back!"

by Kathi S. | Health Concerns: carpel tunnel, allergies, earache and low back pain

"I can take care of my yard now!"

by Chuck M. | Health Concern: fibromyalgia, acid reflux, high blood pressure and depression

"Gave me back my life!"

by Becky M. | Health Concerns: back, arm, and hand pain

"I joined a gym!"

by Antje C. | Health Concerns: severe lower back pain

"I have more mobility and sleep better!"

by Norma M. | Health Concerns: hip and neck problems

"I have an overall wellness felling!"

by Chuck M. | Health Concern: neck pain

"Amazing outlook on my future now!"

by Cheryl S. | Symptoms: panic attacks, anxiety, memory, acid reflux and brain fog

"I can do so much more now!"

by Sharon M. | Health Concern: severe knee pain

"Gave me back my life!"

by Valita V. | Health Concern: sciatica pain

"I just feel better, my body is mending!"

by Ora M. | Health Concerns: Lower back pain, brain fog, lack of energy

"My mood changed! I felt my old cheerful self!"

by Wally E. | Health Concerns: Severe Neck Problem

"My wife remarks that I am walking straight up now!"

by John L. | Health Concern: Rotator Cuff Problems

“Nothing short of miraculous”

by Erin G. | Health Concern: neck and back pain, sleep issues

"It just get's better and better... I'm back to walking four miles every morning."

by Beverly M. | Health Concern: leg pain, headaches, allergies and energy

"I have no problem sleeping. I am able to get back in to my exercises."

by John W. | Health Concerns: Numbness and Aching in the Hands

"I felt a very strong feeling that I was doing the right thing."

by Frankie W. | Health Concern: Trigeminal Neuralgia

"Here I am today, pain free!"

by Perla W. | Health Concern: Diverticulitis

"It's so wonderful to be pain free."

by Barbara S. | Health Concern: Chronic Lower Back Pain

"I now have clarity of mind and an abundance of energy"

by Frank F. | Health Concern: Herniated Disk

"I had no pain after the first treatment!"

by Jean I. | Health Concern: MS, nerve damage, TMJ, and neck and shoulder pain

"I would recommend them to anybody."

by Ellen R. | Health Concern: Neuropathy

"The muscles in my back don't pinch anymore."

by Delfin T. | Health Concern: pain in the arches of his feet

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